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As mindfulness is becoming increasing popular in the United States, more and more disciplines are applying it to enhance the effectiveness of  their practices. 

This can be found in the therapeutic domain and across a variety of psychological therapies and research areas, in work with professional groups, with heath and wellness, negotiation, leadership, and marriage and family to name but a few.

The Institute for Mindfulness Studies develops methods for working with different groups in the application of mindfulness awareness.  The purpose is both as an end in itself -- the cultivation of greater mindful awareness and also to assist in one’s efforts to bring about desired change.

The Mindful Diet website offers different mindfulness approaches developed by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies to work with people interested in dieting.  While no particular diet is endorsed, the mindfulness methods are generally applicable to most.

IMS has developed mindfulness approaches for four primary domains associated with diet -- eating, fitness, body image, and weight loss.  You can learn more about these approaches by contacting us or by visiting one of our other websites that focus on a particular application.

In The Mindful Detox, we offer the following mindfulness observation:


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Books of Interest

Mindful Eating (2009).

--Jan Chozen Bays

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--Thich Nhat Hanh, &   

  Lilian Cheung

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (2007).

--Brian Wansink


Often a detox or diet is approached as a means to an end -- one such as weight loss or curing a physical ailment.  But the detox process itself has much more to offer.  When we break out of habitual patterns, such as automatic eating, deeply embedded feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations surface.   There is great insight to be found by paying attention to these experiences.  A mindful approach creates the opportunity to look a more deeply into the arisings of our mind and body -- to get to know ourselves a little better.

By seeing the inner workings of our mind and body with greater clarity, we naturally move into a state of greater balance.  As we know from our personal experience, when we are in balance, we make better decisions.  We are more likely to respond to the genuine needs of the moment than from our conditioned past.  In terms of eating, this means that we make decisions of when and what and how much to eat guided more by our nutritional needs and less by moment-to-moment impulses.

Contact us to learn more about the various programs we offer.

Foundation Mindful Eating Class

The “Mindful Eating Awareness Learning (M.E.A.L)” program is offered as a four, six, and eight week course that provides participants with mindfulness insights and exercises to help see more clearly the reflective/impulsive dynamic at play, moment by moment, and to develop greater mastery over food-related decisions.  The CD, “MEAL Time: Mindfulness and the Fork in the Road.” is schedule to be released in November 30, 2010.  

Developing Greater Insight Over Eating Impulses and Decisions

The IMS “Wanting to Wisdomtm mindfulness program is geared toward developing a deeper appreciation for mindfulness practices.  The program can be helpful to you in applying mindfulness to tap into the reasons underlying a desire to lose weight and developing a more comfortable and harmonious approach to eating.

Becoming Non-Judgmental About the Body and Finding Freedom

The IMS “FAT To THINtm mindfulness program is geared toward integrating awareness of body image and judgments with eating to enhance decision making regarding food and cultivate greater self compassion.